"Travelling with a boat of creation on a sea of inspiration"

As a child, my parents' love for art ignited my passion and led me on a journey across Europe, exploring museums and marveling at sculptures, paintings, and architecture. This experience shaped my artistic vision and led me to discover oil painting with a spatula. Under the guidance of artist Claudia Mandl, I embarked on a beautiful period of learning and growth from 2015 to 2018. Since then, I have continued painting independently, driven by an unyielding ambition.

In early 2021, I had an epiphany to share my art and painting process with others. Fueled by ideas and goals, I organized my first personal exhibition, invested in a new laptop, and created a YouTube channel called Bogdaniel Art. I painted twelve new canvases, expanding my skills by incorporating brushes into my work, and held an exhibition to showcase my art and gather diverse perspectives. Although I did not sell any paintings, I cherished them as my first true creations.

For me, painting is not merely about shapes and colors but also about conveying a message. Each painting tells a story connected to a specific emotion, aiming to demonstrate that every human experience can be transformed into something beautiful through creativity. I strive to connect people through my art, bridging divides and fostering peace and tranquility in a fragmented world.

Art has been a constant companion throughout my life, providing solace during challenging times, such as relocating to a new country in 2021. It has taught me self-acceptance, the power of expressing my feelings, and the ability to create a connection between my inner world and reality. Painting transcends language, enabling me to communicate in ways that words cannot.

In 2022, I challenged myself by creating a painting solely from my imagination, without any reference. This year, I also delved into portraiture, exploring new techniques and capturing the essence of my subject. These experiences fueled my growth and reinforced my desire to expand my artistic horizons.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue exploring new subjects and techniques, sharing my art globally, and using my creations as a means to connect people. I see art as an energy shared with others, each touch on the canvas reflecting my emotions and imbuing my creations with deeper meaning. My ultimate goal is to promote the appreciation of art's beauty and its ability to deepen our connection with the world and nature. I hope to meet like-minded individuals, learn from them, and continuously evolve as both an artist and a person.

Behind The Art

Each of my paintings exudes a distinct energy that can be felt and experienced. The creation of this energy is rooted in the combination of colors, each with its own unique frequency and symbolic meaning. By blending these frequencies, I create new and special energies within my artwork.


The emotions and intentions that I infuse into my paintings are palpable to the viewer. The colors I choose and the frequencies they represent convey specific emotions, resulting in auras that resonate with the audience. 

As an artist, I possess the ability to manifest and embody these auras and intentions within my creations. This beautiful energy, whether overt or subtle, sets my artwork apart, ensuring that each piece is truly unique and evokes a distinct emotional response.